About Us

What began as a humble advertising agency in 2004, has added numerous tangents to the romantic growth story. We are one of the leading outdoor advertising agency of Vadodara. We deal across Gujarat. Our specialization is tricycle branding. Tricycle Advertising is the new and inovative way of advertising. It is a low cost medium to advertise. If compared with the range of audience covered its the most feasible and innovative mode to advertise.

Ashish Publicity is an honest attempt to create a new dimension of media engagement for brands. As tricycle ply everywhere around the city, it ensures that your ad is noticed almost everywhere on main thorough fares, lanes and alleys, crossroads and at traffic signals. Also, the message stands a good chance on an average of 8 hours of exposure everyday. A single tricycle covers 2,00,000+ audience in a campaign of one months.

Our services come with an Excellent Punch backed by qualitative research, competitive analysis, understanding of the local culture and ethos and extensive grilling to the creative appeal.

With the advertising Right of about 825 tricycles across Gujarat, we are a team of dynamic individuals with a goal to create a space for smart branding with advertisements on a tricycle. We intend to maximize the return at a minimum cost. Be it some promotional offer, tactical advertising or some product launch, tricycle branding creates the much-needed engagement even when the budget is minimal. What’s more, with the tricycle plying 8 hours on the roads, famous area and lanes of Gujarat, the brand's visibility is truly mobile and wide-spread.